Take a breath

Who is Eupnea?

Eupnea is an N.G.O. born from the ashes of a beach in Mati on the 23rd of July 2018. Eupnea has no founder, nor president and is only sustained and ran by its members, so as to defend and promote the duty we all have in taking part on the greater good. Eupnea’s vision is a world that no fire begins by human hand, a world where fire protection is an obligation for everyone.


Corporate Identity

After designing the core campaign of the N.G.O. the need for branding stationery was very realistic. So, I followed the existing path of the strategy that narrated a black background, which indicated chaos and destruction, erased by this blue cyan diagonal line in the center as an indicator of health, peace, and harmony.

From business cards to letterhead and envelopes, I designed a full Eupnea experience, led by the interactive website.

Eupnea Business Cards
Eupnea Letterhead
Eupnea Member Badge

Digital Presence

Eupnea is a modern non-governmental organization designed to reach out to both members and our fellow human beings who are looking for help. That’s why technology plays such a key role in this effort of approaching interest.

Specter has designed a website not only to register members but also to inform about the organization’s activities, the denunciation of an incident and donation. A multi-platform platform of interest and help.

Eupnea Homepage
Eupnea Website
Eupnea Map Apple Watch

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